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It may not be Lodestar, Rocket Ship to Mars, but there's some pretty exciting stuff going on out there.

Space News

- Updated Link Planetary Sciences Research Discoveries (PSRD) is "an educational site devoted to sharing the fascinating discoveries being made in planetary and space sciences by NASA-sponsored scientists. For inquisitive minds everywhere, PSRD is a vital link for education, planetary and space sciences, and for learning how science works."

- SPACE.COM Florida Today has partnered with SPACE.COM to offer comprehensive launch coverage and other space-related articles.

- NASA/JPL Space Calendar, space-related activities and anniversaries.


- Cassini homepage at NASA/JPL is full of information on this multiyear mission to Saturn.


- Mars Web at NASA/JPL features daily upadtes on Pathfinder and Sojourner, and information on the upcoming Mars Surveyor missions.

- Mars Today, created by Howard Houben of the Mars Global Circulation Model group, is an online "poster" created every day, depicting the current conditions on Mars and its relationship to Earth by the Center for Mars Exploration at NASA's Ames Research Center.

- Mars Global Surveyor Home Page (JPL)

- Mars Atlas Home Page


- Pictures of Io and Callisto are at the Project Galileo Home Page at JPL.

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