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- The Jackal of Nar New!
An excerpt from the the first volume in the new epic fantasy series Tyrants and Kings by John Marco, coming in February 1999 from Bantam Spectra.

- Bloom New!
A sample chapter from Wil McCarthy's new hard-sf novel, a Del Rey hardcover in stores now.

- Dragon
A tasty bit from the next Vlad Taltos novel by Steven Brust, a November hardcover from Tor Books.

- How Like a God
Sample chapters from the latest novel by B.W. Clough.

- The War Amongst the Angels
A preview of the new sf novel by Michael Moorcock, from Avon.

- The New Deverry Novel from Katharine Kerr
A preview and samples from Katharine Kerr's The Red Wyvern.

- White Mare's Daughter
A excerpt from Judith Tarr's new novel, coming this summer from Forge.

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