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- Avon Eos
- Tor Books
- Del Rey Books
- Bantam/Spectra
- Baen Books
- NESFA Press
- Wildside Press
- Donald M. Grant, Publisher
- Phantasia Press
- Anamnesis Press
- HarperCollins

Magazines & Other 'Zines

- Orb, a new Australian magazine of speculative fiction. New!
- Eon Magazine, a new site devoted to sf media.
- Blue Blood, an erotic vampire magazine, has a new adults-only website.
- Challenging Destiny, a new sf and fantasy magazine from Crystalline Sphere Publishing.
- Century, the Magazine of Speculative Fiction for Adventurous Readers
- The New York Review of Science Fiction, "A literate review of the sf field." - Library Journal
- Speculations, a magazine for sf, fantasy, and horror writers
- Hot AIR is the website of The Annals of Improbable Research
- Publishers' Weekly
- Transversions, a Canadian magazine of sf, fantasy and horror.
- Altered Perceptions, a bimonthly from Sandra Fritz.


- Polaris is operated by HB Fenn, the Canadian distributor of Tor, Wizards of the Coast, Aspect and others. Polaris is dedicated to the SFF genre and is updated regularly with reviews, contest, news, book exerpts and more.
- Event Horizon is a new e-zine of sf, fantasy, and horror, from editor Ellen Datlow.
- OUTSIDE: Speculative and Dark Fiction Magazine, an online magazine.
- The Virginia Tech Speculative Fiction Project, digitized early pulp magazines of Gernsback, Wollheim, et al.
- Legends, is an online journal of legendary characters in history, literature, myth, fiction, folklore, and the arts, from Arthur to Zorro.
- Byron Preiss Multimedia
- tomorrowsf, the new online version of Tomorrow Speculative Fiction
- Science Fiction Weekly, an online newsletter
- BiblioBytes
- Dave Langford's award-winning fanzine Ansible
- DEEP MAGIC Published by Amberlin Books, is a forum for published and unpublished authors and illustrators to showcase their work, share their visions, and explore the horizons of imagination.

Comics & Graphic Novels

- Battlestar Galactica, the new comic book series from Realm Press.
- The Comics Forum on Dueling Modems
- DC Comics
- MOJO Press
- Marvel Comics
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