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Welcome to the Science Fiction and Fantasy RoundTable(SM), one of the many Forums of the Dueling Modems community. For over ten years, the SFRT(SM) has been the premier online community for readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Here you'll find exciting new services and familiar, friendly faces:

SFRT on the Web

Our website is the prime source of news and information for the SFRT community, from the Staff's hand-picked list of the best sf-related websites to Sharon Sbarsky's in-depth convention coverage.

Explore the SFRT on the web ...

- Sneak Previews
Links to excerpts from new and forthcoming books.

- What's New?
Check in regularly to keep up with new features at SFRT on the Web.

- Special Events
Watch this page for benefit premieres and other special events in the sf community.

- Conventions & Conferences
Links to major conventions' home sites and other listings of conventions and conferences big and small.

- Members
Home pages of the readers, writers, and fans who make up the SFRT community.

- Publishers' Row
Jump to the publishers' web pages, where you can find announcements of upcoming releases, sample chapters, and other goodies.

- Connections
You're only a click away from the coolest sf specialty sites on the web.

- SpacePort
Links to the latest updates on the Mars explorations and other science sites.

- Media Central
Web pages of your favorite sf, fantasy, and horror films and TV shows.

- Resources for Writers
From advice for aspiring writers to esoteric sources for background research, this page has something for everyone!

- Memory Page
Memorials to the SFRT members and members of the larger sf community that we've lost.

- Matters of the Force
Your exclusive Star Wars site on Dueling Modems.
Matters of the Force

What's New
Special Events
Sneak Previews
Publishers Row
Media Central
Space Port
For Writers
About DM.NET
Memory Page

Conferencing on the BBS

The BBS is the heart of the SFRT community on the internet. Your hosts Larry Hammer and Janni Lee Simner invite you to join our lively discussion of sf-related topics, or sit around and chat about just about anything with the fans and pros. You can read the BBS discussion groups using your web browser [] or your newsreader [] (userid and password required).

Explore the BBS ...

- The SFRT Community
The SFRT on Dueling Modems features lively discussions among readers, writers, editors, and fans on all aspects of the sf universe from books, publishers, and markets to movies, television shows, conventions, artwork, and more. Join us at dm.sfrt.*

- Writers' Workshop
The SFRT is pleased to announce the availability of Katie Daniel's Writers' Workshop on the internet at dm.sfrt-workshop.*

- Chaos
Larry Hammer orchestrates Chaos, from the incendiary to the downright silly, at dm.chaos.*

- Ah!logy
Dave Wright brings you Ah!logy, the Science, Research, and Discovery Forum. Find Nift in the News, Worldbuilding, and other technotopics at dm.ahlogy.*

- Legends
Paula Kate Marmor hosts Legends, an online journal exploring King Arthur, Robin Hood, pirates, swashbucklers, and other legends in history, literature, and folklore, with pages on everything from period swordfighting to border ballads. Join our conference at dm.legends.*

- Renaissance: The Elizabethan World
Maggie Pierce Secara, former editor of Tournaments Illuminated, and Paula Kate Marmor, editor of Legends, host Renaissance. Discuss everything Elizabethan from historic costuming to coinage to period speech and renaissance faires and festivals, at dm.renaissance.*

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